Editor-in-Chief / Co-Founder


Shalini Adnani

Shalini Adnani is a filmmaker born in Santiago de Chile to Indian parents and a graduate of Bard College.  She is a co-founder & Editor of Scenes Journal.

Editor / Co-Founder

George Louis Bartlett

George Louis Bartlett is a screenwriter and journalist from Birmingham currently based in London, England. A graduate from the London Film School's MA in screenwriting, he is the co-founder & Editor of bi-annual film magazine Scenes Journal.

Publisher / Co-Founder

Elisa Graham-Meza

Elisa is a publisher born and raised in Asuncion, Paraguay and a graduate of Bard College, now based in London. She grew up watching Mary Poppings on repeat and is a co-founder of film journal Scenes Journal. 


Staff Writer

Theo MacDonald

Theo Macdonald is a writer from London. He has two feature scripts: one that is still incomplete after sixteen months and another that is being filmed in August.

Staff Writer

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Xiao Tang

Xiao reviews films for Scenes. In her spare time she enjoys walking her dog and finding different ways to cook pasta and/or potatoes.



Our man in Portugal

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Thomas Cock

Thomas Cock was born in Congo and grew up in Brussels where he studied journalism. He lived in Montreal where he was a comic on stage, in Paris, a comedian, in San Francisco, he worked in different non-profit organizations to finally land in Lisbon. He still would like to accomplish his oldest dream: becoming a writer.  Waiting for this day, he recently opened a touristic activity “Thomas Cock Travel agency”. Writing is a long travel.