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We provide a platform for new and emerging writers to get their scripts read by peers and industry experts.

What we accept:

- Short Films (up to 15 pages).

- Excerpts of Feature Films & TV series (up to 20 pages).

- Experimental pieces working with scripts (up to 15 pages).

- Film essays, scene analysis or film commentary (no longer than 3,000 words).

- Photographic essays pertaining to Issue theme.


The globalist dream has failed to provide answers for the many and left power in the hands of the few, throwing millions of individuals by the wayside and launching us into a hostile world, forcing to the surface divides that have long been ignored. 

The ultra-democratic ideal of the Internet has quickly disintegrated, paving the way for international monopolies to consume the whole of cyberspace, for egos governed by echo chamber news feeds to flourish, and ultimately allow the election of a sexist, racist, and homophobic president of the United States. 

With the wistful pretension of a post-discrimination society dead, we're posed with the question of how we should move forward and reconcile racial, class, and gender differences to rebuild our fractured societies.

We're looking for pieces that not only reflect on and observe these divides, but that can analyse them and offer diverse perspectives on the theme. 

Email with SUBMISSION in the subject of your email by March 1st

How to Submit: Email with SUBMISSION in the subject of your email. 

Deadline: December 1st